ZJoke of the day

This thread is about Z-related jokes and funny stuff - only. To start with, my ZJoke of the day:

ZCash has done more than any other project/technology in 2016 to encourage Linux adoption among Windows users :wink:


Are you kidding? Microsoft have done a much better job of that.


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best joke of today!!

I bought the top :joy:

The 20% developer’s fee seems fair now!

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So it was you who bought at 3,299 BTC on Polo.

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3299.9999999 to be exact, I thought it was a good deal :sweat: :sunglasses:

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Is this the secret thread where we talk about how we unlocked the hidden AVX3 instruction set on our specially binned core i7s for 10x sol/s?

Wait, no, nevermind, wrong thread. Secret what? :sweat:

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It was! You bought fame. Like the pizza guy.