ZURE (Zcash User Research & Engagement) - Discussion

I understand you want to continue with the status quo. However, your reason for continuing (common founder mistakers) is related to a startup. So, those might be founder mistakes for a new project. Zcash is not new. Is ~8-10 years of telling people ZEC is fiat for day to day transactions still considered “too quickly” to reconsider as a vision? At some point, we have to ask ourselves if maybe the vision is what the problem is because I cant see how anyone can say we have found a market fit between ZEC and the ZEC is fiat for day to day transactions vision. The actual use case for real tokenized fiat for day to day transactions is exploding…Its a multi-trillion market. BTC has tapped the digital gold narrative and garnered a $1.4 trillion market cap. ETH has captured the DeFi market an garnered a $400 billion market cap. When people (the markets version of consensus) believe in the vision, they will buy; they will fund it. ZEC is kinda in no mans land when it tells people its a fiat alternative for spending and at the same time it wont hold its value. There is a major blind spot in the way we are understanding what users want because when you give them what they want, you will know it. You cant really change the attributes of ZEC, they have been fixed as they should be; so the solution is what? More marketing, more wallets, more education? Or alternatively the solution could be to follow BTC lead and let people know ZEC is private digital gold, its ultimately a collateral token and SOV meant for saving, and we are building out DeFi with privacy ZSAs and privacy stablecoins.

A change in vision could really move the needle.

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