A professionally edited video from Zcon0


Ian Miers’ Zcon0 presentation on the importance of financial privacy, and how technology can be used to achieve it, is now available as a professionally edited video. You can watch it on YouTube.

Thank you to DappDevs and Checkmate Digital for donating the labor!

Ian Miers is a member of the Zcash Foundation Board. Follow him on Twitter or peruse his academic homepage.

Originally posted on the Zcash Foundation blog.


There is no privacy with crypto. And I don’t see how there can be. People want to spend it but then don’t buy anything that has to be delivered to your home address.


Well if that’s the problem you just use a PO Box


Z addresses provide privacy do they not? Even if you have to send to t addresses to buy something you just need to change amounts in vs. out and there is still reasonable privacy, more than any other coin.