Accelerating Zcash on FPGA clusters

ZKP are extremely useful but it is very heavy in terms of computation.

In the past Zcash has provided a grant for accelerating Zcash and SNARK Prover using the power of the FPGAs available on github.

These implementation can be deployed on a single FPGA by a single application but it is very hard to deploy it on a cluster of FPGAs, since FPGAs lack of frameworks like operating system and virtualization.

We have developed a unique abstraction layer for FPGAs that allows easy scaling, deploying and management of FPGA applications.
It also allow easy integration with high level frameworks and programming languages.

We integrated SNARK prover with our framework and we managed to develop world’s first integration of SNARK prover with Libsnark and Rapidsnark.

And we also developed a web-based SNARK playground that anyone can test it and run SNARK on a cluster of FPGAs, supporting Zokrates, gnark and circom.

Now we want to also integrate the second part of Zcash FPGA github project making easy for everyone to accelerate Zcash on a cluster of FPGAs with multi-tenant support.

If you want to speedup your Zcash applications you can support this initiative.


Below are some FPGA resources I came across & wanted to share:

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While the committee reviews the merits of this proposal, we invite feedback from the community and potential users.

Here are some more links to review, that were shared during the last ZCG meeting:

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