Advice to get the most bang for my buck for my rig

i just starting learning about this and i’m new to the mining world. i was hoping to gain some incite. this is my rig experimental rig using my older computer

CPU I7-8700K
GPU GTX gigibyt 1050 Ti (going to add my extra if its nota good rate)
CPU corsair 550W (getting ready to put in a 850W)
mother board is a ASRock mother board
230GB local
OS Windows 64 bit pro
my KW/H is 5 cents

i don’t know if you can do CPU and GPU on one rig
i don’t trust my self with overclocking unless i know what i’m doing so until then everything is staying the way i have it
any advice and how to check my hashrate/sol/s

That would be shown from which ever mining software you are using…

and no, CPU for Zcash is a waste of power

what soft where would be best

also do you know who should i do my mining with like the ool

in case u want to nurn your experimental PC into mining rig here are some few advices:
if you plan to get a GPU aim for at least a 1060 3GB
down clock and under-volt the CPU in case u want just mine on the system the CPU power is obsolete (2core celeron is enough)
each mining SW (EWBF,DSTM miners for Nvidia) is capable of showing the hashrate some of them will show you also your current consumption per card although to check it i advise you to get the watt-o-meter …a device that you connect to power plug and it will show you your current power consumption of the whole setup
also the 2TB SSD is obsolete u just need an operating system of your liking (win or linux) and the mining SW additionally a offline wallet all of them will fit into 120 GB drive pretty well.
Cpu mining is possible but since cpus are power hungry compared to GPUS it isnt profitable
as for the OC there is nothing to be scared there are numerous manuals with the target Mhz and voltage on them for example a 1060 3 GB will get most when the chip is above 2Ghz (around 2050Mhz) with the voltage between 0.95-0.97V since each card is different some will get on these values when reached 85% power limit some at 88% as for the temps keep them around max 70 deg … pascal chips in general like low temps around 60 and lower at these temps the chips operates in the best efficiency i.e u will get high hashrate with good voltage and descent OC (voltage doping with the rising temp and so the OC possibilities goes down)
and last the Gpu memory since equihas coins arent so memory heavy u done need to push the memory that much that will spare you some mV for the core chip and as well as few degrees on the temps …
at last when building / planing the rig chose your PSu wisely to have enough PCIe and molex power connectors …dont use the sata power connectors for connecting riser cards or Gpus they have low W rating and can burn easily they are good to power PC fans nothing else