6 x RX 470/480 4/8GB GPU Mining Rig Shopping List - DIY

Get the MSI RX 470s instead. Lower power, lower price, almost the same hashrate as the RX 480, and better ROI. On Amazon the 4GB models are only $200.

The ones with the Power & HD Activity LEDs are better:

You forgot the rack...

Keep it simple...
None of my rigs have a button and I use a knife or a screwdriver too :slight_smile:

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If one were to get the RX 480... should you get the OC version or just the regular?

Buy a z170 gamer mobo, g4400, and $40 worth of DDR4, run 3 GPUs in each of them. You will need more mobos/cpus/dimms/power supplies but each system will be a lot cheaper. Screw paying $170 or whatever for that 3 year old asrock board, $250 for a 1200w power supply when good 750W ones are only like $80, etc.

EVGA G2 series is better for the money I think for your PSU

dont waste the money on corsair or antec, you get the same quality PSU with a 10 year warranty from EVGA for 50$ less

Avexir makes better RAM than corsair or kingston

What about just 1 of these cards instead of many rx??

As a noob that's just reading you, I don't get what the Power switch is for. Doesn't a power supplier already come with an on/off button?

Maybe you just use that to send the shutdown signal, so you don't have to plug the keyboard in every time?
How would you go with installing one of this?

Just think how you turn on your computer. I assume you don't use the power supply's button you use the button on your case.

dual core processor isnt the way to go..
i have a 6 card rig with one and im getting slower sols than my dual core hyther thread 6 card rig

You guys should of bought all this last month...

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Is this model # compatible with the motherboard I linked above (the ASRock H81 PRO BTC)?

I've updated the post with the latest input from you guys. Still need recommendations for two key parts:

CPU (Intel or Celeron) and SSD Hard drive 16-32GB

Both need to be compatible with the ASRock 1066 LGA 1150 H81 PRO BTC motherboard.

yes i use it in the same board

if you want a good quality ssd then adata are good, the other brands on amazon for that size at an affordable price might not be as good, but might be almost 1/2 the price, so just pick on

these would probably be more than fine, 64gb is just 5$ more than 32 so...

i used those drives and they are reliable and they make a lot of really good fast ssds, but those smaller ones might not be as fast. but looking athte prices samsung not really affordable

But you've effectively boosted your power consumption due to power supply losses, plus powering a second motherboard/RAM/processor. Second, any Z97 board with enough PCI-e slots will work for 5/6/7 card, the ancient H81 board is wholly unnessecary. It was cheap back when it came out, now that it's discontinued, the price is inflated. Also, I say Z97 cause I've heard the 170 chipset throws hissy fits about anything above 4.

If you can get 6 GPUs on a Z97 or Z170 board, with a ~$200 1200-1300W PS, by all means, go for it. My main objection was to paying $170+ for some 3 year old asrock mobo.

You're totally right. Everywhere I researched, it seems that as long as your Z97 board has the pci-e slots to fit, it will likely do it. MSI and Gigabyte seem preferred brands.

Is it ok to use a Molex splitter if you don't have enough individual molex cables from your psu?

No, you should really only power maybe two riser boards from each Molex run from your PSU. Usually these cables will have 3-4 Molex 4-pin connectors on each home-run to the PSU, as they were meant for hard drives and other lower powered devices. So if you have a 6 GPU rig all running off of risers, your best to spread these out over 3 separate Molex runs to the PSU.

This of course is in an ideal world, and I know some people have run more than this. It all comes down to how much wattage (thus amperage) your cards are drawing. I noticed with the latest Claymore ZEC miner, the cards are getting more sols but also are drawing more power again so I would stick to the recommend two risers per Molex run for safety.

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