Starting a ZcashFarm

Hi Guys,

I would like to start a Zcash GPU Farm. I have a computer now with a GTX 1080 and a i7 6700k. I want to add two more GPUs to it and then buy another rig and keep adding GPUs to it. Right now I have a Intel H110 motherboard, and I know I need a new one if I want to incorporate more GPUs.

My question is what motherboard should I get to get the most GPUs on it? And can i just take out the motherboard and swap it out with a new one, or do I have to change some code around in the computer as well? Sorry about the long post, I am really interested in this.

Any suggestions are welcome!

you can get a mobo with 4 full size PCI-e slots that fits, its a bit expensive (about 200$) however performs a few % better then with risors Z170A from Asrock would do, i use that mobo for rackmounted machines for just that purpose

or you can go macgyver and use a 2nd case and pci risors, then you could fit a total of 6 (5 if you want do gaming on your rig)