An insane miner on CoinMine pool

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User Name anonymous Sol/s 921,918.324 160.714 ZEC/Day BTC/Day 194.5080 that,s over $114k per day millionaire in 10 days or less if price sticks that is some fking insanity their

Sounds like a botnet. if he’s making that much, he’s probably shitting up the market value as well if he’s just cashing them out. maybe CoinMine will do something about it. maybe htey’re short sighted and happy with their pool fees or haven’t caught on yet.

No idea but if botnet on it then thats some serious power and can easil fk up if not then thats one serious mining farm

there’s no way it’s a farm, and if it were, they would have their own node at that size. it’s a hazard to the zec ecosystem i think, anyway a botnet is essentially, remote access to various personal computers globally, offices, media centers, wherever the donkey smut goes, these infected systems in turn silently mine (sometimes at inconspicuous intensities to hide their presence, say a 10-20c increase in temps)

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