Announcing Ycash, The First "Friendly Fork" of the Zcash Blockchain

Jaxx Liberty wallet allows you to see and copy your zec private keys, just downloaded mobile version and checked.

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Now we have to wait YEC wallet and fork to come😎

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“So, I’ve been doing things with Ycash mining & helping with their test forks…”

I wrote a very basic stratum server so I could GPU mine, initially just to see if I could make it work but when @hloo noticed their hashrate spiking I decided to help.

The test forks have been interesting, especially when the network goes from a gazillion sols/s to a lot less in a controlled way.

If anyone wants to try solo-mining their mainnet (or make a solo-mining-pool) my server is on ZF Grants for a small amount.

Here’s the link :-



Do they have cookies on the dark side ? :joy::kissing_heart:

Nicely done man :grinning:


Hash Brown Cookies with Merkleberry Jam :joy:


It’s out now.


Can someone explain to me if the hard fork from zcash to ycash will give coins to zcash users?
1zcash for 1 Ycash
And if so, which exchange will accept? and yes if you own zec you get 1:1 yec.


You get one for one.

There is one exchange atm, the name is a few posts before this post.

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They are two unknown exchanges
I’d rather wait to see if it will be available in other more famous exchanges

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That’s your call, but in my opinion a good one. I myself prefer only a few exchanges that I trust. ( And even those can fail, so only keep it there if you trade , otherwise move it to a safe wallet )

I have seen a lot of new projects that do not add good exchanges at beginning for to avoid users mass dumping coins which of course makes sense… Just as a general side note why on new projects, if they aren’t top notch promising ones, you mostly won’t see a good exchange at beginning.

This said “famous” exchange is a knife with 2 sides, hence more liquidy and better order books/markets on the other side there is a good chance the price will fall faster there, especially right after a fork with a lot of uncertainity…

Some things that got my attention right now:

  • I wasn’t able to find any legal documentation regarding the Ycash foundation. Neither on their homepage nor with google.

  • Result of the above is of course that there is no information about board members, status, legal responsibility, whatever…

  • The Ycash Trademark is not owned by the foundation but Mr. Loo
    Owner: Loo, Howard T INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES PO Box ***********************

Maybe someone from the Y(es-man)Cash guys should take a look on the Zcash Foundatin page to see how it should be organized, especially the legal part.


pretty sure there’s only 1 member on the y cash foundation.

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really not sure why zooko/etc are retweeting yec posts.

terrible rt/heart ratio on this. yec has barely any support.

apparently the author of this piece is the “ycash foundation”

who’s “we”?

this has heartbreak written all over it.

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You think after 2 or 3 months since Ycash birth it’s still just a 1-man-show?

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haven’t seen anything that says anything else. have you ever seen another member of the so-called “ycash foundation”?

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No, that was the reason why i was searching for some legal papers and documentation about the Ycash foundation, without any success as i posted allready above…


I would say it’s because Zooko is interested in seeing Ycash succeed and nothing more. Monetary incentives notwithstanding, I don’t think this tweet is in any way motivated by profit. Rather, Zooko is quite friendly in real life and I think he would probably vocalize support for any ZEC fork that has goals that he agrees with.

That being said, I don’t expect this fork to be beneficial for the ZEC price.

@CitricAcid I believe the 29,000 ZEC you’re referring to are owned by the Electric Coin Company and not Zooko personally. But I would still wager all my YEC that Zooko isn’t going to be selling his YEC on the day of the fork, or anytime soon for that matter.


You are correct, it is the ECC that owns the 29,096 Zec.

Zooko earns 2,033 ZEC per month since the release of Zcash in October 28, 2016… pretty sure that is a fact