20% developers fund

Hello everyone.

Today I informed that 20% of block reward is still

going to founders and it will continue until 2024.

It caused me thought it is a business model.

register a company then fork a coin and … .

As you know ECC and Zcssh foundation sit on

10% of ZEC max supply already and its around

400,000,000$ based on today price. Also ZEC is

a low cap coin right now and has a lot room to

grow and that 400M$ can grow too.

So i dont understand why this was necessary?

If that money suppose to help grow Zcash

ecosystem so we must see huge grow in 2021.

Not only massive ecosystem grow but also grow

in marketcap.

Thank you.

Hi @ZcashBuddy welcome to the forums!

I’m afraid much of your information is outdated and inaccurate.

The Founders no longer receive any portion of the new Development Fund:

This is also not correct.

The old Founders reward was broken down like this:


You can see the breakdown of the new Development Fund here:



Thank you for info.

I read those links and as i said 8% to third party dev, 7% to ECC and 5% to zcash foundation from that 20% for next 4 years.
first 10% plus second 20% will be around 2 millions coins.
It is a lot of money and many of good project did not have this kind of money and yet they succeeded.
So as a ZEC holder i expect massive growth for Zcash in next 4 years.

It’s worth noting here that these funds would have otherwise gone to the miners. This reflects a conscious decision to pay slightly less for security, and to give that money to the developers/organizations that are working on the network.


Succeeded at what?

Success at gain more people attraction. For example BTC and XMR or LTC

Yes you’re right. Im agree that development is very important. I hope soon we see great things happen on ZEC.

I don’t think hyping Zcash has anything to do with the dev fund (personally I feel it unnecessary) if not the opposite of what you suggest