Announcing Ycash, The First "Friendly Fork" of the Zcash Blockchain

I don’t want to think about keeping 10 blockchains on my HDD. :scream:

These are the three exchanges where I have money, right now.

@Walley303 It was a case of phising, eventhough it’s not totally clear how it happend. He was getting for a long period a message that he needed to update. One time he decided to go through with it. He had to fill in his seed words (in the right order). Then he had to fill them again in random order. Next thing he knew his money was gone.

If you use trezor read well the documentation. I think it states that they will never ask you for your seed words in the right order. Not sure, though. You need to check it yourself.

Personally, I consider hardwall wallets insecure and I don’t plan to use one. My Nano Ledger is in my drawer, unused, still in the box.

Which, do you think, is going to be the dominating (more expensive) coin after the fork? I suppose ZEC since YEC won’t be available in the majority of the exchanges to trade, right?

Even though I read the arguments for chosing to fork ZEC, to my feeling the true reason behind it is to exploit the ability to fork and create new money out of thin air.

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You can’t import mnemonic phrases or deterministic wallet seeds into YecWallet. Rather, you have to import the private keys themselves. These are found in the “Derived Addresses” section of Ian Coleman’s tool.

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That is a well-known scam. I am sorry that happened to your friend. But I have to ask: how is that different from a lot of other scams?

Have my keys ready for the fork, figured I would DL the Friendly fork wallet, sync and etc… and then noticed (see screenshot below). I guess it’s a good thing all the time, hours, and money has been spent for open source usage.

I guess instead of ‘zaddrs’ & ‘taddrs’ they’ll have ‘yaddrs’ & ‘saddrs’ ? Maybe ‘zatoshis’ will become ‘yatoshis’, or perhaps ‘zits’ will become ‘yits’? Wondering what a ‘yebra’ will look like.

Edit: I guess it’ll be a Yak / Zebra cross :wink:

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New blog post: “A Zcash Holder’s Guide to Accessing Ycash”:


The sats become ya(ch)ts …


This is who I thought of, rights are prolly expensive!

I didn’t say it’s different from the rest of the scams. I said I personally consider hard wallets insecure and don’t use them.

btw my friend is a smart guy and at least average in crypto usage. If he can be scammed like that, lots of other users can be scammed the same way, too.

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I moved some of my ZEC to a Guarda desktop wallet, and some to a bitpie Android wallet. It doesn’t meet my security standards but I don’t like to lose the YEC that will come out of it.

btw, in the guide, I read:

Is there indeed a pre-fork transfer deadline set by Guarda and bitpie? And if yes, where can I see that?

SafeTrade Will have Ycash credited on the account automatically.
SafePay, Copay-based wallet - is just a few easy steps.
You can create a Ycash wallet with the same private key by simply using a “long press” on the Ycash logo in your Zcash wallet.

As posted by mr hloo earlier in a link in this thread. (he calls this this advanced way, I call it the safe way)

These are the only two methods which will not allow anyone potential access to your zec by trying to claim yec (the are essentially the same thing just in a different order, and ordering is important)

my method is safer and the only one that guarantees to stop anyone potentially deshielding your zcash transactions via ycash privkeys

EDIT: the ycash foundations advice is fine to follow if you are transferring off an exchange. My advice is if you run a local node/wallet and already have possession of your private keys, and want to keep using those priv/pub key pair.

Things to note, 100 blocks after the fork you transfer all your zec to a new private key. then use your old key in the YEC software. - This imho is bad advice unless it is 100% necessary to do it like this. (see edit at the top about transferring of an exchange for the sole purpose of getting yec, then will transfer back onto the exchange before you try to claim your YEC)

If you have a public ZEC address and want to keep using it and claim your YEC without compromising your current ZEC privkey.

My method (trying to use the ycash foundations terminology)

  • tried and trusted mechanism for any fork.
  • This protects against nefarious wallet creators. (they can only steal your yec and have no potential to deshiled your zec transactions, nor zec or future zec that may appear.)

Now there is no correlation between YM1 and ZM1

@hloo feel free to update your instructions with this info. It could be useful for people that want to keep their ZEC pub/priv key pair and have potential deshielding concerns.

This is a better method than giving the old privkeys away which could be a security concern if they could scan the yec blockchain to see what historical spends that privkey had done on the zcash blockchain. (the ycash blockchain is identical up until that point)

Please follow my method and generate a new zec pub/privkey pair for this, if you value your privacy.

As for air gapping and computer hygiene there is a thread for that over here

If you don’t want to read through that at least go to the EFF and look at their stuff

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Is it possible to run a YCash node simultaneously on the same Linux PC currently running a ZCash Node…nm…looks like you can…

Does the ycash node require a different port to be open to receive more connections than 8 like with the ZCash node? Does it use the same one as the ZCash node? (important question).

perhaps we can say that this is “dually noded” lolo

Different port number (8833), different ‘everything that matters’.

They’ve been very careful to make sure nodes play nicely together, which has been nice to see.

Edit: More importantly, whats the car on your background?


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Ycash is now supported by ModernWallet, SnowGem multi-currencies full node wallet:


Thank you! That’s a Peugeot 908 from some years ago.



You beat me to the punch. I wrote a blog post yesterday (but haven’t published it yet) in which I describe the alternative strategy of making the transfer before the fork, in part to address the exact concern that you raise: the user has ZEC addresses that will likely still be in use after the fork (for example, a public donation address).

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The suggested ticker symbol for Ycash is YEC, not YZC.