Another Open Sourсe GPU Miner for Windows & Linux!

380x 4G * 4 cards get 29Sol/s

Hello Nahual, whats going wrong with my miner?

I habe nvidia Quadro Intel Core i7

which miner are you using?

Console: Connecting to frontend:
ZCash GPU miner thread 0 startet
Assertation failed: Permission denied (tcp_connecter.cpp:284)

zcashgpuclient.exe 0.1.1


I am not author this miner. Author nikname is eXtremal, and he is here:

Oh, sorry.. Is there are an oportunity to download you miner?

Could anybody link a guide for NVIDIA cards on Ubuntu? What drivers must be installed? CUDA? From NVIDIA website or any Ubuntu repository?

zcashclient-0.1.1 built by eXtremal
Now is zcashclient-0.2.0 and got 40 Sol/s with 380x * 4
But cannot run well with zcashgpuclient_silentarmy.exe,will crash always

Only works on Windows 7

does this work with coinsforall only? No other pool?

Correct. He is using some strange pool protocol of his own.

mine crashes in windows also, but i have it currently running on 2 6 GPU rigs in Ubuntu.

have you used this pool trolloniex? do you know what the auto payout is set to? it says min payout .005 but i dont see anything about auto payouts or how to change the min payout...

Did anybody manage to run the Silent Army kernel with this miner on Windows 10? I tried different versions of the miner to no avail. I'm already quite happy with my current setup, but extra speed bumps would be really nice...

They allow to mining with windows.
but i am not still installed and run its miner due to internet problem,

I tried Gnoil's ZEC miner already, but it crashes on Windows 10.

.............Is that 64 bit?

Does the latest build of this miner still work? I need an NVidia miner and most the other ones I try to DL Avast blocks the connection due to the Win32-evogen threat. This is one of the few that doesn’t give my AV a heart attack.