Another Open Sourсe GPU Miner for Windows & Linux!

Bitcointalk thrad: Open Source ZEC (ZCash) GPU Miner AMD & NVidia (up to 18.5 sol/s on RX480)


R9 280X getting 11H/s

Still seems a bit slow

This is great :slight_smile: did you subscribe for the gpu miner contest?

RX 470 confirmed getting 18 sols at stock settings.

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1 gpu? or 5 gpus?:slight_smile: I will test tomorrow this to see pm windows 10 with moded bios on some 470 nitro OC

Currently getting 11.5 to 12 sols with 380x (Stock but working on settings now.)

So far I have tested it on 1 GPU, 2 GPU and a 5 GPU rig, all with pretty much the same results.

They all had the following in common:

MSI RX470 (1250 core/1850 memory) with 1500 strap BIOS mods
256 worksize, 8192 threads

I also noticed about a 40-50 watt per card power reduction versus mining ETH (the 5-card rig draws around 470W mining test Zcash vs ~680 mining ETH).

The other nice thing about this miner is that I can pretty much switch between ETH and Zcash mining with just a simple change of mining programs, which will probably be very handy the first few days until things settle in more.


Apparently works ok with Nvidia GPU as well:

Can you help me point me to the right link does it have stratum

You can find the miner here. Yes it is stratum

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I’ve just tested this miner with one of my Win AMD boxes and its seem to be working pretty well. I made a video showing the process and here are my results with the miner.

AMD 7950 6.95 sols/s
AMD 280X 9.73 sols/s
AMD 7700K (gpu cores) 1.47 sols/s

Zcash GPU Miner Video

103 sol/s on a 6 GPU rx470/480 rig (5 470s, 1 480)
not doing as well with 980ti, just 8-9 sol/sec… what driver is recommended for maxwell cards?
6 GPU rx470 / rx 480 Test Video 103 sol/s site looks to be seriously outdated, a 2015 post about cryptsy’s on their landing page. I have to question their legitimacy.

It’s probably a copy/paste template from one of his (their) earlier pools. It looks like they want to get a fresh start with Zcash, I don’t knock them for that, but as with all things caution is warranted especially in the first days until things settle down.

Cloud mining prices will now come crashing down

Anyone get this to compile under Linux? Seems broken.

git clone -b version/zcash GitHub - eXtremal-ik7/xpmclient: Primecoin XPM GPU Miner for xpmpool (aka. madPrimeMiner)

And nothing in the points to how to install the prerequisite dependencies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

kind of clunky solution for me so far has been looking at the libraries searched for under /path/to/xpmclient-root/cmake/FindDependencies.cmake, and looking up the packages containing those libraries for my distro.

Running cmake after and debugging the errors seems to get me closer to an actual build, too.

Full-disclosure, still working on getting my first successful build as well.