Any defi lending for renZEC collateral?

Is there any (secure, reputable) defi that takes renZEC as collateral for loans?

I spent many hours searching for this. Found some old threads by @MaximilianR and others about general defi, but nothing useful for this purpose.

Prefer not on Ethereum. Fees too high. Just need some quick money to go through unexpected personal emergencies - don’t want to forced-sell my precious ZEC in bear market. :cry: Can’t afford to pay big fees, that could add up to big percentage of loan amounts for all the needed contract invocations.

I know the problem is, defi markets don’t have renZEC liquidity for liqudations. So lenders are reluctant to take this as collateral.

Thanks for any pointers.


I looked the other day and could find anything either :sweat:. Unfortunately while ZEC has a good reputation (as tech stands) in the crypto ecosystem nobody has been able to translate usage of ZEC in the defi ecosystem :person_shrugging:.

Celsius used to lend for Zcash collateral. Celsius sank a few months ago and also had a huge data leak.

Unfortunately you’ll have a hard time looking at defi for ZEC-backed tokens

In my experience, I just sell the $ZEC to cover my expense when I need

You can always buy them back when you have the chance to

I understand this might not be the solution you prefer

Personally, I’m currently trying to learn how to deploy a smart contract on Agoric. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see $ZEC on Agoric in the future. If not, I guess I will use other tokens that cover my needs.

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Being frank here, the market is so depressed right now i would be surprised if you don’t sell them now and rebuy them next year at an additional discount. The game of musical chairs is over, but the ZEC inflation rate is still dangerously high. That means the supply will continue to overpower the demand until probably late 2024 at the soonest (when the Zcash emissions halvening #2 occurs)