Any ETA on ASIC Hardfork (Not just for Zcash)

Remember what BTG devs said when Z9 mini was announced?

We will not allow that to happen.

Since then, after the 51% attack, even some of Z9 mini units has already arrived, but I didn’t hear anything about ASIC Hardfork from them.

What about BTCP, ZEN, ZCL, KMD?

I will update this post whenever a new ETA comes out. Please let me know if i missed something.

Zcash Co’s statement: While the foundation conducts its research, the Zcash Company’s focus will remain on: the safe and successful release of Overwinter (June, 2018) and Sapling (September 2018), and equipping our growing ecosystem (including wallets and exchanges like Gemini) to integrate Sapling successfully. (Source: TL;DR: We are focusing on Sapling Update.
Zcash Foundation’s statement: Investigation and principled decision making. We are committing funds and effort to investigate the presence and power of ASICs on the Zcash network. We do not know for sure how effective the upcoming AntMiner Z9 mini will be, or the degree to which ASICs already affect the mining process, or whether more powerful ASICs will be developed in the future. All of these questions matter when deciding to change the Equihash parameters, adopt a new PoW type altogether, or welcome ASICs. Board member Andrew Miller is planning to create a proposal through the grants program to convene a Technical Advisory Board to provide scientifically grounded inputs into this decision. (Source: TL;DR: ASIC-resistant is our priority, but we need some time to research.
ETA, Possible ETA: No official date, After sapling update (09/25)~

Dev’s statement:: dev left
ETA, Possible ETA: No official date, Never

Bitcoin Gold
Dev’s statement: We are going to upgrade to Equihash with a different parameter set, <144,5>, with some customization. We’ll call it “Equihash-BTG," for now.

We’ll be adopting the new parameters, <144,5> for Equihash-BTG. Although these numbers are smaller than <200,9>, it means the algorithm actually requires dramatically more memory to run - so much more that we believe ASICs will be impossibly unprofitable for quite some time. The <144,5> parameters require a minimum of 700 MB to run and use about 2.5 GB to run efficiently (that’s 17x larger!) This should be too expensive to produce with an ASIC right now, while most graphics cards that miners use already have that much memory or more. (Source:
ETA: July 1st, 2018. (Source:

Bitcoin Private
Dev’s statement: Over the weekend our contribution team wrote and began testing a proof-of-work change that will enhance BTCP’s ASIC resistance. We are prepared to upgrade the network within the next month if community consensus continues to favor this course of action. (Source:
ETA, Possible ETA: No official date, June 2018~

Dev’s statement: ZenCash already has a Hard Fork scheduled for approximately July 1st. This is a major upgrade, the software development team has been working on it for many months, and it is currently being deployed onto testnet. Because this upgrade addresses issues that affect the performance and reliability of the ZenCash blockchain, it has a higher priority right now than a hashing algorithm change.

Based on the conversation of the community, and the threat of centralized control by one entity, the ZenCash development team intends to Hard Fork change the hashing algorithm to Equihash-144-5 in order to optimize for higher memory mining hardware such as GPU’s.
ETA, Possible ETA: No official date, July 2018~

Dev’s statement: Not Found (pls inform me)
ETA, Possible ETA: No official date, idk


in case you want to complete your list, here all coins on equihash that i’am aware of:

Zcash / ZEC
ZenCash / ZEN
Zclassic / ZCL
Komodo / KMD
Bitcoin Private / BTCP
Bitcoin Gold / BTG
BitcoinZ / BTCZ
Hush / HUSH
BitGem / BTG
Zero / ZER
Bitcoin Interest / BCI
Buck / BUCK
LitecoinZ / LTZ
Achieve Coin / ACH
SnowGem / XSG
VoteCoin / VOT
Commercium / CMM
Bitcoin Faith / BTF

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I don’t know if there is an ETA on the research that the Zcash foundation is doing. After that research is done, it is still a 50% chance that a hardfork doesn’t make sense for Zcash. I would say 6-12 months, but that is my own, uninformed, opinion.

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Komodo will not fork because they claim the notary nodes make it unnecessary. I believe I read that in a forum from a reddit link.

Zencash stated 6-8 weeks after the July 1st upgrade which puts it into August.

Bitcoin Gold moved it to ASAP due to the 51% attack, but no firm date.

BTG Team just announced that they will change Equihash parameters from [n = 200, k = 9] to [n = 144, k = 5] which requires 2.5 GB Memory for efficient mining. Still no ETA, but will give at least 7 days’ notice before the hard fork.

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unofficial insignificant POLL here: Poll: Change the Zcash algorithm to 144,5

BTG said on July 1st they would fork.

At Zcon they mentioned it would be at least April before even a parameter change could be done. They were saying December before. I figured all along it was a delaying tactic so I was forced to get some Z9’s. BTG hard forked in under 2 months after the announcement of the Z9.

u may want to update the info about BTG they already have ETA and it seems it will happen at 1 july

They made an update, last i have readed (yesterday if i remember right), the fork block is expected to occur on 2nd July, not that it matters much.

just checked their web
counter says :
5 Days 15 Hours 19 Minutes 16 Seconds
Blocks remaining: 812

so it will be more like 3th-4th july


can anyone help me with a Wallet for “BTF - Bitcoin Faith”?