ZEC ASIC mining after Sapling

Hey guys,

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t ZEC stop being ASIC resistant after Sapling in September. I understand it will reduce the amount of RAM required and this is they key point according to the devs for ZEC being ASIC resistant.

If ASICs start popping out the difficulty will increase tremendously and it will soon stop being productive to mine with GPUs, which is not something I would like.

Please share your thoughts and arguments on this matter.

I hadn’t thought of that - but good point/question… Perhaps the Zcash team or someone in the know can comment?

Yeah, I doubt that ZEC will be ASIC mine-able, but I am not that in the technology behind the coin still.

If anyone with more technological knowledge can share their thoughts on this or even better - someone from the ZCash Team, it will be great.

No, they are two separate things and the Equihash algorithm behind the proof of work for Zcash is unchanged for Sapling.

There is more on faster zk-SNARKS here.