Any update on POS?

It has been a few months since the latest update. I know from the time the team has a roadmap it will take 12 to 18 months to implement.

Yet we haven’t heard anything in the past months. Is this still a priority?


As explained in the other post, ECC’s current priority to make sure users have easier access to their ZEC. I haven’t heard of any other reason why PoS research and implementation is currently on-hold.


Hi @Sean1. @tokidoki is correct, we did chose to shift priorities based on a desire to improve the user experience for shielded wallet users that leverage the ECC mobile SDK. We recently locked in a revised ECC roadmap that we intend to publish later this week.

The move to PoS is ultimately the community’s decision and there are a lot of outstanding questions that we continue to think about. For more information, see Nate’s presentation at Zcon3. We still think a great deal is achievable within 3 years.