April 21, 2017 - Dev update

At the beginning of the week, we had the first of our regularly scheduled (once a month) meetings about the pre-Sapling hard fork (HF0) in which we narrowed down tickets into a select group using the tag HF0 wishlist. These tickets address the meta goal of making HF0 and future hard forks safer and simpler.

We also had a topical meeting around revamping the release lifecycle and policy. An overview of which will be released as a blog post in the very near future. We also touched on the concept of development environments but did not come to a final resolution on their implementation across the areas in which they aim to be used.

Work on other process-related concepts like roadmapping and security incident procedure were also discussed more this week with the goal of releasing public documents outlining them coming in the near future.

And with last week’s security incident engineering timesync behind us, regular work on pull-request review and pre-Sapling features (payment disclosure, payment offloading and XCAT) were back in full swing this week.

We also continued work on the block observatory and testnet faucet mentioned in last week’s update.

A handful of new FAQs were added to the website this week and next week, keep an eye out for the initial version of our zk-SNARK section in addition to the newest in the explaining zk-SNARK blog series.

We’ve also planned a Google hangout and livestream with Zcash engineers to discuss and explain zk-SNARKs in two weeks on May 6th at 16:00 UTC. Those interested can request an invite to join the hangout or post questions as comments in the video beforehand and/or questions in the chat box when the session is live.

As a reminder, check out the working groups wiki page if you’re interested in becoming more involved in Zcash core development and ecosystem maintenance and growth. Also, don’t forget to ping us if you’d like to be invited to one of our future topical meetings, we’d love to include those from the greater community who are interested!


The working groups I’m interested in, @nathan-at-least, are:
-Release (the packaging part of that) (cc @daira)
-Dev Infrastructure (cc @ageis)
-Network Infrastructure

and these proposed ones:
-Packaging and Porting
-Documentation and User Support
-Berkeley DB Replacement

Whew, is that enough stuff?