Arjun Balaji's "2019 predictions"

We all would have liked more than 64 people

Are you serious right now? This is not the beat of “my drum”. This is what Zcash proposed and was accepted by the community. This has nothing to do with me, Im only trying to hold them accountable to the claims they made when they started Zcash. You cant just keep moving the goal post because something didnt work out the way you planned.

Let me spin this back to you. Do we just keep paying them to develop just to develop? At what point do we consider it Zcash complete? What if they have more ideas after we consider it complete? Do we just keep allowing them more and more funding to add more stuff?

Zclassic fork is a complete “Zcash”
They did away with the founders reward and now it’s complete
(come to think of it I want to see I heard of them going to Fork again, whatevs)

I dont think zclassic forked from Zcash, It was a clone. Holders of Zcash didnt receive Zclassic.

Yea sorry, reverse that I guess, no airdrop
Heres one of those zero-knowledge vote papers (share credit goes to Shawn), an actual use case not just theory, theres more around here

@Lisfin The Zcash Foundation Governance Panel results (even if they had had the opposite outcome) had no real weight on Zcash Company’s decisions. It was a way forward for the Zcash Foundation. Which, as you may already know, has just funded further development for ProgPOW, an ASIC resistant Algo.

Again, the most constructive way forward for the Development Fund questions is to come up with a way to get community consensus that can’t be gamed that the Zcash Company will take seriously. I agree with @str4d , a Twitter poll and Google form do not hit the mark especially when it comes to potentially millions of dollars to be spent on the Development of Zcash.


Yet you are saying “we should of voted” ealier. Now you are saying “even if you did it wouldnt of counted anyway” … I know you are trying to help, but your not making it sound any better. So the vote was a sham and had no effect…so why should I come up with a better way to vote, if that system will probly be ignored also?

I’m general I’m ok with extending the founder’s reward to pay for future development. Zcash seems to be considered on the leading edge of crypto privacy and that’s something I want to embrace and continue.

As enticing as free development sounds
a) The best cryptographers and developers won’t work for free
b) If the project will be continued, most likely someone is going to pay for development. What types of hidden conflicts of interest does that bring up? There’s been extreme accusations of such in the BTC world with Blockstream. I would prefer that ZEC doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

The vote came too late to force a fork mid-development cycle but that doesn’t mean it has no bearing on the way Zcash moves forward for the next development cycle.


For example (of why you may be confused)

You see what the Company does and what your 80% do may not align
(a contentious hard Fork Community split is not desirable but if that’s what happens then that’s what happens)


When is software ever complete? When does innovation ever go so far that there’s no further to go? And when did you become ‘the community’?


And again, would the vote come to late next time also?

You were first saying we should of voted if we wanted to be heard “anyone could vote”.
Now you say it wouldnt of mattered even if we did vote “The vote came too late”.

So once again, we had ZERO voice is what you are trying to say. The community was against ASICs, and the 64 people that voted had zero effect on the desicion, so the devs voted for ASICs against the majority? You keep saying the community decided because “the panel voted”. But everything shows and says otherwise.

When have I ever said I was the community? Way to ignore 90% of my post. I did not make up these settings, Zcash did. They created them at the start of Zcash. If they just keep changing things when they feel the need, why should I belive anything they have written anywhere on the site knowing it can be changed on a whim?

They will quickly lose ALL trust constanly changing established guidelines and goals.

What is the Founders’ Reward?

10% of the eventual monetary base goes to the founders. The Founders’ Reward is distributed incrementally over the first four years of mining, so that there is continued incentive and continued resources for the founders to improve the value of the coin. Unlike a pre-mine or an Initial Coin Offering, this structure offers little or no opportunity for the founders to pump-and-dump.

After four years, the Founders’ Reward ends and all of the mining rewards after that go to the miners.

Read more in the blog post Funding, Incentives, and Governance.

You must not have read the results because it seems like theyre all in the works, stop taking arguments out of context
Besides zcash is designed to be trust less

Actually we’re in a prime time for the upcoming development cycle! Announcing Zcash Blossom and proposed feature goals


What am I taking out of context, im not sure what you are referencing?

Odd, if its trustless, Why did I trust them to stay ASIC-Resistant and than have that broken. There is a difference between trust in the crypto aspect of the coin vs the trust in the dev team.

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There’s a difference between an asic resistant algorithm and asic resistance
Neither are asic proof

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Yep, your right, It was all my fault for beliving they wanted ASIC resistance and it was important to them. I did jump to conclusions, so guess boo on me.

You keep referencing ‘the community’ as if there’s blanket support for your position. On the topic of losing trust, how much trust in Zcash do you think there will be when none of the current developers stay on-board because working for free doesn’t appeal to them?

@Lisfin you are conflating two separate topics.

The issue raised by the article at the beginning of this thread is about possibly extending a Developers fund. The ASIC resistance debate is being addressed with Zcash Foundation funding for an alternative POW (that could be merged if it meets the requirements) and another “harmony mining” proposal from Zcash Company. I suggest debating the merits of those proposal’s in thier respective threads.

So how do you feel about a Developers fund after the Founders Reward ends? What would you say is the best way to garner consensus of how Zcash Company should move forward with this important decision?