Articles about Privacy and Security

This last one is more more about the ethics of the company in question (all these articles are about blackstone), they’re not good people


Hey guys! Doesn’t it seem to you that some of the articles are way too cautioning? For instance one states “Disable TouchID and FaceID not to give away your biometrics”. But we post so many personal photos on social media - isn’t it too late? :sweat_smile:

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I guess some are, if people take them more as information to help them gauge their risk then that is a good thing.

If your information is already out there the articles might help you prevent certain types of issues from becoming issues. They also help me keep up with stuff not directly related to stuff I use.

Maybe for some, but hopefully not for others. Something I only found out fairly recently was that fingerprint readers in phones are more accurate than methods the uk police use.

As biometrics become an increasing part of our security practices it is important people realise what they might be giving up, who they are giving the information to and what those people might be able to do with it. That way they can make informed choices.

I think if you tried to follow all steps at all times you would be in for a very miserable life, heh.

Wow… those corporations :sweat_smile:

And very stressful - always trying to do things the right way.

Things are starting to get interesting.

We all knew it was happening, people having been giving away their privacy for years.

Funny how its a war when china does it to other countries citizens but not when govts do it to their own citizens…

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This made it to the inbox, I don’t have an account :100: and obviously its not smart enough to see the off lettering

Affects all known BT

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Your regularly scheduled reminder - VPNs are trash.

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