Asus 1070 STRIX ~470-480/sols - Can I get them to 500?

Running a few STRIX 1070s here and they are solid performers in the 1070 line. Wondering how I can eak out another 20-30 sols. They are hovering in the 470-480 sols range.


You should undervolt the TDP, there is diminishing returns after a certain amount of power.

I am running 2 Asus strix 1070’s and I get ~480 sols per card @ 160W. I can’t quite push them to 500 but doing so would be very inefficient anyway. You should overclock the core clock to push performance up, but I would suggest bringing the power limit down as you won’t really be gaining more performance for the extra watts. Even if electricity cost is not a factor for you, you are needlessly running the card hotter than it needs to be, thus shortening the life span. I run my Asus Strix at +70 core clock and +550 memory.