August 11, 2017 - Dev update

So we’ve pushed back the 1.0.11 release again by one week. Sorry for the continued delays on this - updates to the release have been posted in this forum thread. Thanks for your understanding!

Once we finally get 1.0.11 out the door, we’ll start planning 1.0.12. We already have some proposed issues to address for that release which you can follow on Github.

We had more discussions about Sapling design this week - including some really exciting efficiency improvements that we’ll be announcing in the near future after completing some more benchmarking so stay tuned!

We’re beginning to think about how we can restructure the website and blog. Our current system isn’t scaling so easily with all of the language translations and new content so this is a long term project we’re starting to do research on.

We added Korean and French translations for the website. If you’re fluent in either of those languages, please let us know if you have any feedback!

We also added a new job listing to the website and plan to add more as they are ready. Be sure to check the jobs page and forward any of the listings there to folks who you know may be interested and qualified!

We ported our two Zcash-agnostic benchmarks to Bitcoin 0.14.2: Validatelargetx & Connectblockslow.

We’re starting to dive deeper into the interview/hiring process. This will be a huge help in improving the efficiency of engineering and communications but in the short-term will be taking away resources from these areas and is one of the causes for a looser schedule for the 1.0.11 release. Bare with us while we get ZcashCo geared up and in better tuning for the long haul!

We just completed our 3rd Zcash Show & Tell where @jasondavies demoed his zcash-sprout-verifier. In a couple weeks, we’ll host another one demoing XCAT!


@ Paige, That means 21/08/17 release date?


I was waiting for a system update to complete the other day and noticed that I acquired 1.0.11rc1 with it. Is everyone supposed to be upgrading / upgraded to release candidate versions?

Looks like that was a release process mistake. Feel free to wait for 1.0.11 on Monday, or update to the rc version. @nathan-at-least said in the community chat “…as far as we know v1.0.11-rc1 is good and v1.0.11 will be almost identical except for doc/versioning tweaks on Monday.”

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I’m just getting to the end of that show&tell video, nicely done btw… I thought I’d repeat my youtube comment here. Perhaps a task that can be farmed out is generating or figuring out interesting edge-cases for proofs.

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My 1st language is French.

" Argent sur Internet " means nothing.

You must say ---- " L’Argent de l’Internet "


Zcash est la première cryptomonnaie ouverte et sans autorisation POUVANT RÉELLEMENT protéger de façon complète la confidentialité des transactions GRÂCE À la cryptographie à divulgation nulle de connaissance.

Still in English here !!!


Des transactions protégées masquent l’expéditeur, le destinataire et LE MONTANT DE LA DITE TRANSACTION dans la blockchain


Afin de rester tout aussi interchangeables, les unités de la crypto-monnaie doivent être dissociées de leur historique, de sorte qu’une unité ÉQUIVAUT à toute autre unité. Zcash apporte la fongibilité à la crypto-monnaie en dissociant les pièces de monnaie protégées de leur historique dans la blockchain.


All the Rest seems fine to me

Is the update on schedule to be released today?

Thank you for all the feedback! Zirui, our translations manager can look into these @zirui

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I’ve sent the feedback to our translator, thanks :slight_smile:

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Voir même “La monnaie de l’Internet” :slight_smile: