August 17th, 2018 - Weekly update

This week’s update is light due to a home-stretch engineering focus on getting 2.0.0 out the door. This warranted shifting most of our team’s sprint reviews and planning to next week. Expect a more complete summary from engineering teams next week.

Zcashd Team
This team focuses on development of the zcashd client. Follow along with team discussions in the Community Chat #zcashd-team channel.

The team’s last sprint focused on completing a Sapling consensus compatible release of Zcash v2.0.0. It includes the official Sapling activation height of 419200 which targets the 2 year anniversary of the Zcash network, on October 28, 2018. It also rolls back the testnet so that it will activate Sapling at block 280000. We have been updating RPCs and the wallet to support Sapling with completion targeted for v2.0.1. In private testing, we have already been successfully creating and sending Sapling transactions. There was not enough time to test these RPCs for inclusion with the v2.0.0 release. Third parties looking to experiment with Sapling on testnet can wait for v2.0.1 or keep an eye on the master branch in our Github repository.

Read more about 2.0.0 in the release announcement.

Development Infrastructure Team
The Development Infrastructure team ensures application developers have the tools and infrastructure they need to efficiently collaborate, design, implement, review, test, and ship high quality projects. These responsibilities include: CI/CD, release automation & execution, coverage reporting, simulations and testnets and “spin-up-a-box-for-arbitrary-work-tasks” service for engineers.

Sprint summary will be in next week’s update.

Ecosystem Team
For the time being this team handles business development in the phases after initial contact by providing technical insight and support.

  • General collaboration with communication and documentation teams regarding Sapling outreach to third-party services.

Sprint summary will be in next week’s update.

Documentation Team
This team works on improving the accessibility of zcashd and Zcash overall by creating and moderating documentation. Follow along with team discussions in the Community Chat #documentation channel. Check out the official Zcash documentation.

Sprint summary will be in next week’s update.

Reference Wallet Team
This teams current charter is to build a Zcash reference wallet. Deliverables will be a series of MVPs where Android is the first target platform.

In progress/goals:

  • Getting feedback from core group
  • Reviewing low-fidelity in detail, preparing for hi-fidelity
  • Add missing or newly conceived screens
  • Create engineering roadmap
  • Hire an Android engineer

Community & Communication
You can check out last week’s community and communication update on August 10th for the latest info.