Autotunafish candidacy announcement for ZOMG (December 2021)

Hello! I’d like to announce my candidacy for the Zcash Open Major Grants committee. I take the Mission to heart and have been very committed to following the project since I found out about it in 2017. I’m a fairly driven individual when I want to be, I try to keep a pretty good familiarity with the goings-on here and I push hard for the community (I think so anyways). I’m reasonably intelligent, can draw my own conclusions and am capable of focused research. :zebra:


I’m happy to hear you’re running, @Autotunafish. You seem like a long-time, active member of the Zcash community. In general, what is your vision for ZOMG and what would be your priorities as a committee member? Thanks!


Lol I didn’t mention those because it’s kind of a vague question. The whitepaper already defines those things so I suppose my priorities would be to mainly uphold it. If you asked what I’d like to see built it’d be a front-end api for zcashd. Nothing fancy, just something that makes navigating the swamp that is zcash-cli a little easier because running a full node is important.
My vision (I suppose) is the communities vision, zip 1014, it’s shared. The evolution of the ZOMG seems as organic as anything else, it’s day to day so if you were asking like where I see it in (and throughout) a year I hope it would be in an improved state from the inaugural round with the lessons learned there. They fleshed out a lot of issues, it’s what was expected and, given that, I think they did what the zip intended and what I think the next round should do too.


Hey 2 questions :

  1. How important is ZEC price appreciation for you ?
  2. To the Zcash investors that buy and hold ZEC and who make the devfund possible, what can you tell them that you will do to make their investment turning into fruition ?

If by price appreciation you mean a more permanent raising of the price floor with regards to market movements then I suppose it is important though I don’t think it actually correlates to added value, I don’t know what it correlates to really. A grant should seek to add value to the ecosystem but whether it actually affects the price in any reasonable timeframe is anybody’s guess though one would assume that eventually they must catch up to each other.


Good luck @Autotunafish !

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