Binary tarball checksum missing

I was about to check the checksum of the binary I downloaded but it appears to be missing on the download page:

The location of the checksums are referenced but yes, they could have filled in Result with the valid hash instead of leaving null.

Here are the latest sha256 checksums:
f31d972ccbd1a33622b7dc017521855c98a7302d433432bdd04c9cea09610c85 src/zcash-1.0.9.tar.gz
0d457a2574af567b0a0154b1cc101901295bd35b1a491f8285134fabf19edd96 zcash-1.0.9-linux64-debug.tar.gz
74573fac7888ebe08056501da6934c1339b25957a872bbbaabfc074a472c66e1 zcash-1.0.9-linux64.tar.gz

Check that sig for the tarball whilst you're at it:
Here's Simon's key: 0x54BC723B5917AD16CA5954BBC8F49C081F3AC6C4

$ gpg -v --verify zcash-1.0.9-build.assert.sig zcash-1.0.9-linux64.tar.gz