BOLT vs Validation inside a Snark

Hello all,

If I understand correctly, BOLT is a second layer that would allow to increase tx/sec drastically, as well as the tx speed while preserving privacy. This is one of the possible goals for Blossom or next upgrade.

At the same time, the team explores the way to “scale zcash by moving block validation inside a snark”
which also allows drastically increase the amount of tx/s as well as increasing decentralization while (I would assume ) prezerving privacy.

Aren’t those 2 technical solutions overlapping? Or could/should both of these exist together and substantially improve zcash?

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I imagine they would fit nicely together, one is ‘on-chain’ optimisation & the other is ‘off-chain’. Both benefit from the other.


That’s where it’s less clear to me… how do they benefit from one to the other? Any link?

I thought that if we could increase scalability and decentralization by validating into a snark, that would be a much better option than offchain transaction methods …

How does BOLT adds extra to this?

BOLT has to interact with the ‘1st layer’ when opening/closing/etc, so any benefit from compressing/validating on-chain with snarks would be passed on.

Both give huge (and different) benefits, if we get both working together it’ll be amazing.

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BOLT and succinct blockchains are both trying to address scaling, but they have different usability characteristics and constraints, and involve different security and project management risks. It’s quite possible that one (or both) of them might not work out as well as hoped. In particular, the performance characteristics of succinct blockchains are not clear yet. BOLT, on the other hand, requires a whole extra layer of complexity that can’t be entirely hidden from users. So it’s sensible to pursue both in parallel for the time being.