📆 Boston Zcash Meetup – September 13 – Zbay in the Park! 🌳

When: 2020-09-13T18:00:00Z → 2020-09-13T19:30:00Z
Where: Emerson Garden, 82 Davis Ave, Brookline, Mass., United States

RSVP: https://meetup.com/Boston-Zcash-Users-Group/events/272768106/

Join @holmesworcester of Zbay as he showcases the decentralised, private messaging and commerce platform his team has been creating atop Zcash!

Learn more here: https://zbay.app/

This will be our first Boston Zcash meetup in ages, this time, in the fresh outdoors. Welcome back!

Bring your laptop if you’d like to test out the app’s features between ourselves and other Zbayers, sending messages over shielded Zcash memos and making trades.

Also bring food and drink if you want to make it a picnic. If you have a folding chair, that could come in handy.

Please share our meetup on Twitter and spread the word!


Coming up this Sunday!

We’ll meet near the park benches here: what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location

Look for the Zcash shirt and laptops. See you there!