Building zcash on vmware ubuntu get tar file name too long error

Similar to the above issue. I got
tar: libs/regex/doc/html/boost_regex/background_information/performance/section_Testing_simple_leftmost_longest_matches_platform_Windows_x64_compiler_Microsoft_Visual_C_version_14_0_.html: Cannot open: File name too long
tar: libs/geometry/doc/html/geometry/reference/spatial_indexes/boost__geometry__index__rtree/rtree_parameters_type_const____indexable_getter_const____value_equal_const____allocator_type_const___.html: Cannot open: File name too long

Please help.

what operating system are you on? or more specifically file system? looks like you are hitting the 260 character limit.

ubuntu vmware on Windows 8. Well, I used the “shared folder” function in vmware, namely, the zcash code is actually on windows 8 (NTFS).

what directory did you host the vmware image under? the path you supplied was actually only about 160 characters long but if the image is stored under some long path itself i have seen the same issue before.

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player
seems to be the default path.

try long path tool program,very recommended