Can Chainalysis track zcash?

Can Chainalysis track shielded addresses or only transparent addresses?

Transparent addresses are just like bitcoins and so I’m sure anybody with GPTs can do that now. Shielded addresses do not appear on chain and the transaction data is encrypted, there’s currently no known method for actually breaking it. There are, however, certain parts of transaction Metadata that could potentially be “theoretically linkable” in pretty extreme cases of poor note handling (short passthrough).
There was some kind of a game somebody created recently that they would pay out the sum of coins (don’t know how much) if somebody could correlate the transaction id’s from the exchange withdrawals before it went into the shielded pool. And technically, the only way you could really do that is by correlating that metadata because they used poor note handling, if that be the case. I don’t know the outcome of the game, but if they did not purposefully leave a somewhat realistic data trail, then it is extremely unlikely that anybody would ever win.