Can I check shielded transactions with just the incoming view key yet?

Is there any client currently that will let me import a zivks incoming view key and be able to tell me about incoming payments (amount/date/what diversifier/confirmation)?

I generated one, but it seems like Zecwallet doesn’t accept it. I’m trying not to keep any spend keys on an Internet connected computer.


I have been successfully monitoring view keys using the command line interface from this pull request for a while, but I don’t think it’s supported in any UX client yet


Sort of late but would you be able to PM me a binary by any chance? I’m only trying to test something out.

Note that just using an incoming viewing key is not recommended for wallet software, because it cannot detect outgoing spends (and thus will show an incorrect inflated balance). If all you want is to display incoming details and memos (i.e. not a wallet view), then an incoming viewing key is sufficient.


Yep, I’m just trying to build a tool meant to be used to take orders online. We don’t want it to have access to the wallet balance.

We ended up writing our own script to generate addresses with an ivk and dk. We’re just trying to figure out a good way to do the second part of checking for payments now.