Can't create backup and export private keys

I’ve tried to create backup and export private keys.
Pressed Ctrl+B, then chose needed folder, then enter filename “wallet” and pressed “Save” button. Then I saw notification window "Tha wallet has been backed up successfully to file: wallet in the backup directory provided to zashd (-exportdir=). And backup file hasn’t been created.

Same with export of private keys.

Could you help me to solve this issue?

You didn’t state this but can you confirm in the selected back up directory / folder there isn’t a backup file present?
Best to sort files when viewing from explorer or shell based on latest timestamp to be certain a backup was as in fact generated

I used empty folder for backup and export. And folder was empty after backup wallet and export private keys.
So I didn’t need for any sorting :slight_smile:

First question what wallet are you referring to?

Second question is your wallet 100% synced?

Zcash4win v.1.0.12
Wallet is fully syncronized Screenshot by Lightshot
I see such notification Screenshot by Lightshot

I don’t see any error. But backup file isn’t created.

It is created, its created in the backup folder that you said you wanted to use when you first installed Zcash4win. it even says so in the screen shot


Thanks a lot, bro. I’ve used unique filename for backup like wallet556344574 and I’ve found this f***ing folder.