Causal Inference Analysis of Privacy and Public Transactions in Zcash:

By employing causal inference techniques, this proposed empirical analysis aims to advance the understanding of the causal relationship between transactional privacy choices and consumer behaviors in Zcash. The findings can provide valuable insights for Zcash developer community, policymakers, and the cryptocurrency community to optimize privacy features, tailor marketing strategies, and foster wider adoption of privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies.

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Very interesting concept. Just out of curiosity, what are your planned data sources?

I would need access to user-level data on transactions and the general usability of Zcash over a period of time. For example, for May2022-April2023, users’ data on trading, wallet usage, type of transactions, etc.

Here is a link to the proposal:

Hi @gkn - Welcome to the forum, and thank you for submitting your grant proposal! We will review it in the upcoming weeks and reach out if we have any questions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, you can post them to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants.

Zcash Community - We want to hear your feedback on this grant! You can post your comments to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants if you’d like to provide feedback in private.


Thank You aquietinvestor. I eagerly look forward to receiving feedback from the team. I am happy to answer any questions that can help with the decision.


That is what I’m wondering about. These data are not readily available (that I know of), it likely needs to be gathered first and I’m not sure the proposal accounts for that.

Thanks for pointing it out @pitmutt .The proposal accounts for that. I mention that in the data collection section of the attached pdf.

" Data Collection: Obtain a comprehensive dataset of Zcash transactions, including transaction types

(private vs. public), transaction attributes, user demographics, contextual variables, and relevant

behavioral outcomes."

Also, I mention in the compensation justification: “… hours worth of Python coding, data extraction, SQL help for cleaning, and Matlab/Tableau visualization”

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Can I get please get some explanation for the thumb down on the proposal by the community?

The recommendations and implications of the project include analysis results, providing recommendations for developers, policymakers, and the Zcash community to enhance user experiences, address privacy concerns, and optimize the adoption of privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. The empirical analysis will be rigorous and causal rather than a simple correlational.

If I had to guess as to why then it would be this

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Thanks for the clarification, looking forward to seeing the proposal move ahead.

I think having concrete data about the ecosystem and a serious analysis of it can be very valuable.

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Thanks for the reply @Autotunafish, detailed user-level data only can provide rigorous analysis. I hope I can get a reply for the reason behind the proposal being hidden form the forum.

Thanks, but we dont need any analysis who is using Zcash. I would rather we don’t know. ECC already do their own research and surveys. There is no need for this.

@gkn, thank you for your submission and sorry for the confusion, your proposal was not hidden from the forum. You had posted your gallery view proposal link in the wrong category and thus it was off topic for that thread. This thread you created here is the place for discussion amongst the community, and @aquietinvestor added your proposal link in the comments. But please feel free to edit your original(top) post in this thread and add the gallery view link there as well.


Thank you @decentralistdan. I will do the needful.

I am not able to update the proposal. Can please grant me permission or update the proposal to include the empirical analysis detail Gallery View: Zcash Community Grants Program

Also, I would want to update the category to Minor Grants. Thanks for this input.

@gkn, thank you for your grant submission, the @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to reject this proposal at the most recent meeting. But would like to recommend that you keep an eye out for the announcement regarding the next cohort of the Zcash Foundation Minor Grants Program.

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