Not surprising but still disappointing…

Having reviewed every statement in the original post, I stand by it. The one question that has not and will not be addressed is the severe and blatant conflict of interest

The situation is clear as day, based on my life experience. The post was quite intentionally advescerial, as this is the basis of the common law system of justice, and we do need to cut through all the spin. It cost Tezos a year and a lawsuit to unravel the conflict between the developers and the “foundation” and present situation is on the same trajectory.

@amiller, thanks for responding, and now the community needs to hear from the other four board members, so we understand what we are up against. I am particularly interested in hearing from Amber, given her business experience.

Indeed, it was another mistake by Zooko to hand over complete control over this forum to Zfnd. The original thread was closed after nine hours and will likely be deleted together with this one and the account later today. Not to worry, backups are in place and the debate will resume in a different venue.

Disclosure: I have not, do not, and will not trade in ZEC. “In it for the tech”

Goodbye and thanks for all the SNARKs.

First you predicate your entire argument about some kind of power grab by Josh by saying he didn’t consult with the Foundation Board, then Andrew Miller who is on the Board corrected you with:

Then you double down and start this thread to say you stand by what you said in the OP?

Obviously you don’t let the facts get in the way of your false narratives.

It’s a widely known fact that both the ECC and Foundation are funded by the current Founders Reward and both stand to benefit if the community were to extend a development fund beyond 2020. Both ECC and the Foundation have expressed thier opinions on the matter but that’s what balance in the ZIP process is for, one can’t completely shut out the other one despite both parties having an interest.

Who is this “we” referring to exactly? You literally just joined this board less than a month ago to post trolling remarks in about three other threads. Your credit as a Zcash community member is non-existent so don’t pretend you have been here for awhile and represent the opinions of other community members.

Why should Amber, Andrew and the other board members take the time to respond to this kind of mud-slinging at all? Andrew already stated that the post from the Foundation had a unanimous vote from the Foundation Board so if Amber disagreed it wouldn’t have been unanimous.

Again, making up false narratives to support your position, nothing has been deleted, it’s still up for anyone to read. But it has been closed because personal attacks (against Josh or any other community members) are against this forums Code of Conduct.

Good luck on your other “backup” venues, we don’t need concern trolling around here.


In the same thread we talk about i asked for the protocol and Josh responded with the link where it’s clearly visible that it was voted 4-0, which makes it clear that they agreed all on it.

Just to add it as it’s an important fact that underlines what amiller allready said.

Reference: https://www.zfnd.org/about/board-minutes/#august-6-2019


Here you go.


Enjoy? I cant speak to the law and tax stuff, but the panic has mainly been around the ECC not the foundation.

Maybe we are looking at things from a different perspective. anyway, there is the thread in all your wonderfully worded glory.

tbh I couldn’t understand the message from all the barking. The ECC has come out and said that dev funding its not hard deadline on the 31st. I was a vocal advocate that the decision could be delayed. The decision was an ECC thing not a foundation thing.

However from a technical perspective from someone who is also ‘in it for the tech’ zooko raises some very valid downstream concerns.

I am speaking purely from a technical perspective and not one of emotion nor of thinking that anyone from the foundation or the ECC has been acting in bad faith. You seem to have different information to me. but hey. your life experiences are different to mine.

does this help?

Enjoy whatever tech you move on to. I hope it brings you some kind of peace. I like growing plants.


No need for the web archive, the topic is still on the forum as well, just closed, but visible:


yeah I know. I was just making a point that “back ups have been made” because they seem worried that the thread is so salacious that it will bring down the house of cards that is the foundation? so it will get burnt and purged off the internet?

I think that is what they were trying to say anyway, idk. just thought I’d archive it for them.

you know me, ever helpful.

lolwut? that is like 50% of the forum and the other 50% is cope. and I don’t think he was trolling. I think he is serious.

I concur tho, there isn’t much need for that stuff here. be interested in where it gets taken though. I wonder if there will be endangered creatures there.

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I tend to think that JJ’s razor applies to concern trolling: https://www.sonyaellenmann.com/2018/03/jjs-razor.html

lolwut? that is like 50% of the forum and the other 50% is cope.

gotta admit, I laughed >.<

But seriously, a lot of useful discussion and coordination happens here!

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The Community Guidelines and Terms of Service are crystal clear.

Everyone who does not respect them, should be out.

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As I expected, Amber did not approve the 4-0 email vote on 8/6:
“Responding by email: Andrew, Peter, Ian, Matt”

Just out of curiousity. Does it matter if 1 member did not vote or voted against when 4 members voted for?