Trying to pin down ZEC foundation complaints

Doing some research on ZEC & trying to pin down the tensions between community, ECC & the foundation. Is there anything beyond this I’ve missed?

The foundation censoring Zooko - have they ever provided a public explanation for this?

Undisclosed privatizing gain from ZEC tech: Undisclosed and actively relevant conflicts of interest on the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors

Don’t care about ZEC value accural to holders but about the tech that can be harvested from it for the broader ecosystem (& privatizing some of those profits)

Pink haired complaints
Defund Zcash Foundation from the devfund - listened to the debate with Zooko, wasn’t impressed. As to the social character of people, I feel similarly to how I would people with a hardcore Christian stance constantly bringing it into the ZEC ecosystem.

Didn’t fund Windows wallet guy - Zcash Pays Off Developer to Avoid Blockchain Split - CoinDesk

There is absolutely no point in beating old drums when the foundation arm has been working towards improving the future of Zcash. Most of the ZF leadership and team is different from the 2018 era and the current leadership is open to feedback and does their best to work around their limitations.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with several (if not all) members of the Zcash Foundation this year during my work with the Zcash Community Grants program and every single one of them is driven to increase ZEC adoption in the places where it matters, and build a strong base for the long term.

Anyone suggesting defunding the foundation arm is either misinformed or not aware of the ongoing efforts per the non-profit’s strategy. IMO ZF with their small team is quite effective at what they do. So if you have ideas and initiatives to spearhead the foundation’s efforts, contact the foundation and get in touch with the leadership.