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Will you believe me? If you need money, it’s that simple.Please keep up with my pace.

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For my dream of olive trees

Give up the corruption of the [Core] and weak [BU] it
Is it so hard?
The most perfect of the most powerful bit of money in Zcash here.
There is no argument, it is so simple.
Not for anything else
Only for my dream of olive trees.
“People who believe in fate and mind are believing in their chances.” - 迪斯雷利

In the panic of hesitation
Wear your crystal beads
please follow me

There’s problems in both groups, but core is no where near being corrupt.
Bitcoin is for storage.
Zcash can be, but for me, as of now, is used for its private enriching properties.
Ask yourself, if bitcoin fails, where does that place all others?
What good does it bring long term, if not another fork in the road for financial privacy?

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Change someone else is wrong, change yourself right, i do not change Core, i just need to choose zcash, it’s that simple.。


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Witness the miracle

Witness the miracle

This is the fact that you have regretted, how many opportunities do you have?

1:A great opportunity is that today, the etherfront price is close to Zcash, and this is the perfect time for you to flee the ether bubble. You just so jump, you can transition from the center to the center, and, of course, you can do the opposite.
2Only in me, you are told: God gives everyone the same fair chance.
Are you when the navy? You are when the core of the buddies? You are the pursuit of big aunt [ETH]? You are still holding spicy [Litecoin] You are daring to go back to the Dashi [dash] You are really not contrary to the original geeks [Zcash]? The right choice of what is difficult? Just a few minutes of your keyboard, your wealth is completely different.
3:Brave on the core said: your beauty you take away, since then, I will no longer have the pain of the expansion of the break up.

1:A great opportunity is today, [ETC] price close to the Zcash, and this is your success to escape [ETC] bubble the perfect time. You just so jump, you can from the [ETC] to the transition to [ZEC] , of course, you can also do the opposite.

[Geek cash] — Zcash’s success is because of its unique full anonymous features.Assuming Bitcoin did 75% anonymity before, then Dash and Monero put anonymity up to 95%, while geek cash - Zcash was raised to 100%.
In this regard, technology to send excitement, because this is the real realization of the people dream of the privacy of privacy protection, as well as the real freedom of wealth trading behavior.
The anonymity of Bitcoin has won the follow-up of anarchism around the world, but with the government-funded analysis company in the analysis, mining Bitcoan user identity has made breakthrough progress, bit coin itself “public key” defective Unlimited magnification. Because all transaction records will exist in the permanent coin public book, so that anyone can view all the historical activities of each bit currency address, it is easy to use large data analysis to reveal the user identity, exposure account identity. This is a huge threat to business secrets or personal privacy, or even less confidentiality provided by banks. With this strong contrast and uneasiness, with the development of science and technology, people have anonymity in encrypting digital money higher requirement.
Zcash’s zero-knowledge proof mechanism fills the gap in the market with a perfect 100% anonymity beyond people’s imagination.

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                              Zcash and Bitcoin's simple comparison

First, Zcash is actually a bifurcation after Bitcoin 0.11.2, preserving Bitcoin’s original model, such as Bitcoin’s POW mode, and the total amount of coins in line with Bitcoin’s 21 million. But the mining mechanism to do a greater change, mainly set up to prevent the concentration of technical bottlenecks, which can further ensure that the center of its attribu

tes, so that more people involved in “mining” to obtain zec. Second, Zcash solves the problem of Bitcoin’s anonymity and the problem of block size expansion. In the consensus mechanism, mainly through the “zero knowledge to prove” the two sides of the transaction address and send the amount of anonymous. Effectively guarantee the privacy of both parties. In Zcash, this anonymous transaction is called “private trading”. And “private transactions” also makes Zcash block the original 1GB size of the storage capacity, optimized to 20 ~ 30KB, password shielding calculation from 5 to 6 minutes down to 1 minute, also accelerated the speed of the block, also Greatly enhance the speed of transaction confirmation.

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Because Bitcoin’s bifurcation will bring people more and more serious unease, so there will be a lot of money in the near future into the Zcash.
비트 코인의 분기 있기 때문에, 더욱 더 심각한 불안 가져올 것이다, 그렇게 많은 돈이 최근 Zcash에 부어있을 것입니다.

Bitcoin,Death crossed, super bad, cautious holding.
비트 코인 죽음 크로스, 슈퍼 나쁜,주의 보류 등장.

Note: 1GB = 1024MB = 1024x1024KB, according to Bitcoin block current 1MB congestion caused by the situation, Zcash block 1GB optimized for 20 - 30KB to convert, equivalent to Bitcoin expansion to 34–51MB, never expansion of trouble, In the long run, Dash’s coin technology will skyrocket as its trading volume grows and will soon face Bitcoin’s bifurcation today.