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I want to translate the articles of the China Forum into English and put it here-------

zcash 很难拉起来~建点仓先

Information about the latest Zcash in China

Information about the latest Zcash in China

不懂英文,难免发帖错误,I’m sorry.

Charlie Lee:Do your BU want to be a shameful cottage coin?
Gavin Andrsesn:Is your litecoin not a cottage coin?

Roadmap Zcash

Today, the Chinese market is very good

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Today’s market forecast

Chinese aunt said: give me soaring

                  如果 ZCASH 网络被黑客攻击了怎么办?

对于 Zcash 网络被黑客攻击的议题,请参考以下 twitter 链接: @ZcashCo, @zooko, and @least_nathan. Zcash 协议中有预警系统,当前只有工作在 Zcash 团队中的人才掌握这个可以发布预警的系统。预警将会被发送到所有的全节点。
如果 ZCASH 团队以后变坏了怎么办?

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Quotes have touched the support line,Now is the best time to buy ---- 0.035

@bitcoinparty I appreciate your enthusiasm for Zcash and translating from Chinese, but try not to post things not directly related to the topic.

You are right, but I am a person who does not understand English, relying on Google translation, this is very troublesome, so I am not familiar with the rules here, and even that I was not the wrong place? Is there a more suitable place for me?

Your posts of market ideas are fine, just the pictures of women may not be appropriate.

I made this thread for your posts,so they do not get mixed up in other topics

This post is popular in China Bitcoin Forum We are the most ordinary people who invest in Zcash

The latest Chinese market

Are you still hesitant?

Inherited the bitcoin the purpose of the most beautiful design, all here [Zcash] integrated unparalleled powerful technical force. Of course, is still very young, only listed only 4 months, but the market value of steady and rapid rise, has reached 40 million US dollars market value.