Community ZIP's and Foundation ZIP's

I Will get to writing this up as some kind of zip at some point, in the mean time I want to double check that there is not already some kind of process for both.

After seeing that the community does want to engage in ZIP’s we just needed a lot of help. From this process it is clear that the ZIP process is designed to be more of a technical and implementation document.

I know daira has stated as curator? of new zips and the process that this kind of non technical feedback is valid and needed. After a few points made by str4d it seems clear that the process is not ideal for the community to use.

I was thinking of creating a slightly different model for zips submitted by the community and zips submitted to the foundation that are not based off grants, etc. (A bit like my out reach to teens idea)

These is primarily for non technical people to get a real voice by simplifying the process for them and making it over all a less daunting looking prospect. Inclusion is key to participation. It should also enable the community to run with someone elses idea in a more structured way, should the original author not want to continue for whatever reason.

I am imagining something more akin to the Rust model that str4d already posted, Or something like boxalex just posted in the proposal’s category. It would include space for objections, concerns and drawbacks. whilst removing the requirements for sample code and implementation detail.

It is easy to change these to be compliant with RFC 2119 language (I can do that as a community member) then the author can change the must/should/etc as they intended, after that these then get reviewed by the foundation and ECC and sent back to the community for feedback.

I know everyone is really busy at zcon1 but if I don’t type this up now I will forget about it. Im just seeing if the foundation is amenable to the idea.