Compatible with EVM and FVM via ZVM

Currently, the token economy of Zcash is ambiguous.
In particular, a fee mechanism is essential if you do not want to change 21 million when you change to POS.
ECC is thinking of ZPF and ZSA as a breakthrough.
However, this may not be sufficient for persistence.
The breakthrough in the token economy in my opinion is the introduction of ZVM and smart contract.
Recently, Filecoin introduced FVM and is trying to be compatible with EVM.
Zcash should also release ZVM to be compatible with EVM and FVM.
If that happens, Zcash’s token economy will become more robust.
Also, if people can create Zapps with smart contract, it will be even more robust.
The fee for using the program is also money.
Cryptocurrency is online money.
So any fees you spend online are money.
I’m curious about your opinion.