Creating a Zeal Center Matrix chat server (poll)

There was some discussion about having a non-walled-garden place for the community to gather and chat, so a Matrix server was proposed. Part of the discussion was regarding continuity of the server, so I think it would be good to plan for at least the first year. At current rates, it would take around 16 ZEC to host a server for 12 months.

So, fellow Zcashers, would you be interested in joining a Matrix server for the Zcash community?

  • Yes, I would donate ZEC to support it.
  • Yes, I’ll join but won’t donate.
  • No, I’m not interested.
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We already have our own Matrix server but I would be happy to support and join the (encrypted!) conversations. :+1:


I would donate the 16 ZEC but would want the domain to be It’s just a 30 second DNS configuration by whoever is in charge of the domain.

edit: given the poll is about a “Zeal Center matrix chat server” I have not voted given it is not what I am looking for personally.

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