CRS Parameter

I am writing a paper on circuit optimization and I want to compare some results
with the famous zcash circuit!
However I was unable to ecosia what I needed, so I joined this forum :smiley:
Where do I find details on the most recently implemented and optimized circuit?
Whats the number of constraints needed (or number of group elements)?
Where is the code of the circuit?
Best, Hia

You can probably start looking here:

All the code will be at:

I already had a look at these obvious sources but inside them I was unable to find what I need.
I more detailed description would be great therefor!
thank you very much!

The circuits you are looking for are the Sapling Spend and Output circuits. They are specified here:

And implemented here:

Details of the optimisations used in the circuit are given in Appendix A of the protocol spec. Specific constraint numbers are given in Appendix A.4 (Spend circuit) and Appendix A.5 (Output circuit).


@str4d Thank you! Case closed :smiley: see you