Curve discontinue Crypto Rewards

Curve Black and Metal customers once received 1% of their spend in Crypto Rewards (also known as Bitcoin). However, Curve’s recent announcement reported that they will cease this feature due to “regulatory reasons.”

:rotating_light: As of the 6th October 2023 Crypto Rewards will be discontinued. Due to regulatory reasons, it’s become clear we won’t be able to continue offering cashback in Crypto tokens. This means we’ll be able to focus our efforts on offering better premium features to all our customers. Watch this space!

For the 30 days before the feature is removed, you’ll still be able to cash out or transfer to an external wallet. After the 5th November 2023 any remaining balance will be automatically cashed out to your Curve Cash balance :rotating_light:

As a Curve user, this really sucks. Sure, it wasn’t the main reason that I used the service - but it was an added benefit to receive 1% cashback in cryptocurrency from my most-frequented stores. They’ll not offer the 1% as Curve Cash, which is just credit on the account instead of transferrable Bitcoin.

Such a shame to see a service who was invested in cryptocurrency be forced to pull out like this.