DarkFi — Manifesto

Zero-knowledge (ZK) is a powerful technology, one that if used effectively opens vast frontiers of freedom.

ZK unlocks an entirely unexplored design space of anonymous applications. Previously if you wanted to create an anonymous application you had to think how to combine several existing cryptographic schemes. Maybe it would be slow or impossible. But with ZK, we have a generic cryptographic schema that any programmer can use to create anonymous applications.



We don’t need any new blockchain such as Darkfi (which name for sure won’t attract institutional investors) or Panther Protocol.

As per the polls of the past weeks, if we add programmability, ZSAs, PoS and scalability Zcash has the potential to become the most secure and private blockchain for DeFi and web3, leveraging also its rule compliance which other shielded protocols can only dream about.

I look forward from an update from the team and - hopefully - a new roadmap.


This project was being talked about in the Tally wallet community call today. Perhaps extrapo was posting this for awareness.

I am sure @extrapo did so, sorry if my comment seemed criticizing. It’s absolutely good to raise awareness of the protocols that are using ZK technology to offer privacy in transactions, and thus be Zcash potential competitors. That’s why I also mentioned Panther Protocol which uses ZKSnarks and is going to launch its MVP in the coming weeks.

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