[Dead] Dev fund proposal: Full Node/Transactions Directed Dev Fund (was: opt-out mechanism for sharing block rewards by miners for dev fund)

I’m concerned about this. Manipulating transaction-weighted voting by injecting artificial transactions would be very easy, whether by miners (essentially for free, as long as blocks aren’t full) or by others (as long as transaction fees are low, and specifically a fixed 0.0001 ZEC for shielded transaction).


Consensus rules could make full nodes reject blocks where miner doesn’t set DF% based on signals in the transactions

If the consensus rules say that miners must set the DF% based on the transaction signals (othewise their blocks will be rejected), then it’s misleading to say that

miners can also “opt out” by minting a lower number of coins for the NTDDF, or none at all.


Maybe a bit picky… its the pools that include txns & mint coinbase txns, not the miners

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Do you have any suggestions, love to hear if there is some quirky way to avoid this issue.

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I’m pulling off this proposal. There are much better proposals out there now. Example: