Dev Fund Decision Time

Today, we opened a ZCAP poll to determine whether there is clear consensus amongst the Zcash community that a new Dev Fund should be established when the current Dev Fund expires in November, and, if so, which Dev Fund proposal should be adopted.

ECC have opened a similar poll of their Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus.

A summary of the proposals under consideration can be found here:


Remember to check the spam folder :+1:

Hey folks, I just got a private message from someone who said that he saw my name on Draft zf-community-dev-fund-2-proposal: Establishing a Hybrid Dev Fund for ZF, ZCG and a Dev Fund Reserve so he assumed that I’m endorsing that one.

While I appreciate getting credit for having contributed to, like, the ancestor of the ancestor of that ZIP, I’m not endorsing any of these ZIPs, so could you please remove my name from that one and any others so that people don’t think that I am? Thank you!


Attn ZIP Editors

I have opened Remove Zooko's name from draft-zf-community-dev-fund-2-proposal by nuttycom · Pull Request #872 · zcash/zips · GitHub. Do you also want your name removed from the ZIP 1014 credits in Draft noamchom67-manufacturing-consent: Manufacturing Consent; Re-Establishing a Dev Fund for ECC, ZF, ZCG, Qedit, FPF, and ZecHub?


Yes, please. I don’t want other people like that one guy who reached out to me to think that I am endorsing any of these ZIPs. Thank you!


Zooko, love having you back and active on this forum, especially as an independent contributor that can completely speak your mind. This is awesome.

Just thought I’d let you know that under your name when you post on the forum, your title is still Electronic Coin Company v Regular should you like to change that :wink:

Anyhow - happy to see you here :+1::star_struck:


Fixed! Thanks!


The results of the ZCAP poll are in!

Under the Majority Choice Approval (MCA-M or Modified Bucklin) voting method, the winning proposal is the Lockbox for Decentralized Grants Allocation (20% option).

The poll also asked voters to express their approval of direct and non-direct funding models, with an additional option of “I wish to reserve judgment until more information about a Non-Direct Funding Model is available”.

(Note that cumulative percentages may not total to 100% due to abstentions.)


It’s also very notable that “Lockbox for Decentralized Grants Allocation (20% option)” got the lowest strongly disagree vote with only 26 votes. This would, in many other weighted count methods, likely place it on top.


Personally, I’m relieved that we didn’t end up with an outcome like this: