Dev Fund Proposal closing remarks

I’m creating This Thread to give the Champions and Advocates of various Development Fund proposals a place to essentially make there final summarized case for said Development Funds. So in the spirit of having created the thread, I will go first.
Edit: please do not consider this a reply thread, pertainent closing remarks only please ; )

I am advocating for Josh Cincinnati’s proposal “A Grand Compromise/Synthesis ZIP Proposal”. I believe it is the most logical choice because it very closely mirrors the only known working Zcash funding model that we know about. Vastly deviating from a known working model, when the goal is to not fail, for no good reason other than that “we can” is illogical. The success of the Zcash mission is what is important and the proposal that best cultivates an environment that is most conducive to that success is the clear choice. I know of no other crypto Space Project that has achieved the same technological advancement for themselves in the same amount of time so I would argue that the most conducive environment is the one we already have.

Besides the fact that the current model works now, we’re also used to it. Implementation of the new model would require very little change to the code and to the structure of the ecosystem as a whole. It is purposefully non complex and should require little resources to both Implement and maintain. This means that as the new implementation occours it should not forseeably affect the development e.g. timelines, efficiency, their peace of mind.

The ECC is the best choice for the continuation of the core development of Zcash because
A. they’re the only people who have ever seriously worked on it and have a very favorable track record for it and
B. the odds of finding and assembling an equally sized, skilled and dedicated group of people to do what these people are set up to do today right now and bring them up to speed with the hopes of achieving similar expected results is basically inconceivable.

The specifications remaining, aside from some core legal questions that I assume must be answered with consultation, are essentially features which I believe can be worked out in due time. However in the (unfortunate) event that they cannot or even fail after implementation it would not intrinsically affect the core funding mechanism.

Zcash is a beautiful thing right now and it’s only going to get better if we let it. With that I implore everyone to think about our mission and values and really consider how and why this all came to be, got to where it is today and going to realistically get to tomorrow. :zcash:


I am advocating for [ZIP 1006] Blocktown Development Fund Proposal: 10% to a 2-of-3 multisig with community involved Third Entity

It’s in my opinion the only proposal that could unite the majority of the community as a compromise btw. the no devfund and 20% devfund “believers” and “fans”.

I strongly advocate as well the 3rd entity part where the community should be involved. A 3rd entity should be a must in the name of more decentralization. Having in mind that currently the ECC and Zcash Foundation are (at least for my taste) very centralized around the founders (which are shareholders of the ECC and at the same time board members and advisor(s) at the ZF).
Another step would have been that the ECC converts to a non profit organization, but as this seems not going to happen a 3rd-Entity should be an absolutly must to work towards decentralization.

10% dev fund, as suggested in the Blocktown proposal should be more than enough for further development after the halving in 2020. At this place a reminder that from the current 20% Founders Reward the ECC and ZF got less than half of it. A good break down on the distrubition of the current Founders Reward and how it was distributed in numbers can be found here:

I suggest and invite the creators of the Blocktown proposal @Blocktown and @JamesTodaroMD write more detailed closing remarks about their proposal.



Erm, what are you asking of me? I support more than one proposal. but virtually none in there current state.

are you asking me to give a hard sell on my proposals? I don’t really think I have the time to do that. I will try tho if that is what you are asking.

I’m not asking you to do anything you’re uncomfortable doing, just speak your mind