Doing annotated calculation examples

I need annotated zcash calculation examples.

These inputs, calculation after calculation, end up in the following outputs.

I want to better see what the zcash-related numbers look like in the real world, but constraining them in a small Galois field. I am not going to manipulate enormous numbers. I think that we should be able to do all of that in a Galois field of, for example, something of the size of 2^16 or maybe 2^24?

So, I would want to do these zkSNARK calculation examples.

Without the ability to pick a core team mathematician’s brain, it may not pan out. The results are actually even likely to be wrong, if I try to go it alone.

The reason why I would want to do this, is not entirely selfless, but indeed rather because of my morbid fascination with how you guys managed to pull this off. I really want to join the select club of people able to do zkSNARK calculations. It is slowly turning into an obsession. Still, it could also have wider community value to publish these annotated calculation examples? Seriously, I am going to share the results freely.

Is anybody of the theoretical zcashistas willing to help me out with this? I am even willing to pay a bounty or a fee for your cooperation, if that would be an encouragement.