DSTM miner and SMOS problem


I have started to use SMOS, and I like OS very much, but I have 2 problems.

  1. Problem:
    After strarting DSTM miner and after some time I got this message in console:
    GPU4: msg buffer full
    gpu 4 unresponsive - check overclocking

This would be easy to solve if I have had done some overclocking. Everything is on stock.

  1. Problem - SOLVED
    Problem is with ovreclocking.
    When I set desirable clocks and hit save button, nothing happens and get message: “Error Power Limit”
    Power limit is set to 6. But I have changed the number from 2 to 9 and same thing happens

Can anyone help me with these problems?

Thanks in advance!

Is the power limit a slide or do you have to type the number in? I use both SMOS and DSTM. I am running Nvidia cards. What cards are you running?

It is not slider. I have to type the nuber in. I have 6 Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 gaming cards.

Don’t use 6 for the power limit. It’s just a default in program. So my GTX 1070 are 150 watts. But I put 100 - 115 watts for limit. So put what you had in mind for the power limit.

Yeah… I figure it out. In all fu*king videos, that i have seen, there was slider with numbers from 1 to 9… I thought it was the same. Thanks anyway!

From what I gather there is a slider but it’s in the AMD version.

I set my 1080 rig to 180 watts limit and my 1080 ti to 250w in SMOS

PSU big enough? At least you need 1300-1500w i guess

PSU shouldn’t be problem. 850w+750w

I still have problem with:
“GPU4: msg buffer full
gpu 4 unresponsive - check overclocking”,
but this time it’s gpu3. On stock and OCed also.

Which mobo do you have?

gigabyte z370p d3…

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