Dstm’s Zcash Cuda miner

Version 0.5.6
reduce cpu load
minor performance improvements

Linux x64:
sha1 ec26a36c131dcc28aaf747714b55a71ff0167836

Win x64:
sha1 b9c818fedd53898cf010f129acefbd7be6fe8812

This release contains many internal optimizations. CPU load is lower by about 15%-20% now. The solver contains some minor performance improvements - it’s about 2%-2.5% on an 1060 and about 0.2% on faster GPUs. People on overclocked systems may have to readjust their setting since this version ‘pushes’ the GPUs slightly more.

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Very nice! I can confirm so far. Thumbs up!
1060 3GB now became faster than 970.

It also brings down 970 Temps and Power usage a little. It seems.
This helps a lot with one card of mines.
No problems with overclocking (with low power) to the max. Clocks are a bit higher and stable

But as I am surfing on a mining card. I would like a feature to lower intensity on one card if possible, as it now got more unresponsive.

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I second the big thumbs up! I was having CPU load issues on a G4400, now it’s cleared up and a higher hashrate as well. Great work!!!

I’m going to test this out. I had switched back to ewbf after the outage and have been enjoying the ewbf stability. Hopefully this fixes those issues!

I have seen allot of people saying that dstm are reporting higher sol/s then it actually does.

what do you guys think about this.

yea but I just wanted to know what other people here thought about that.

and aren’t you spamming this way to much!!!

Just sended this message to all forums. I do it once in a month.
Because, honestly, im interested in donators and product is really very well.
You can try it too. But please, read carefully instruction.

Because of my product use near 300 clients, mostly on Dstm, i can say that it is good and you just must try it.
if you have 1060-1080 cards (not 1080ti) you will see hashrate increasing. On 1080ti will be the same as on Ewbf, or little bit lower.

I think you do it more then once a months but if it’s spamming or not is not me to decide.

but do you see your hashrate increase on the client side or the pool side?

You can count it.


what do you mean by that? I use suprnova and it’s really hard to know the actual pool side hashrate because it’s changing ofcourse and there isn’t a good graph

Now I have to criticise…

Around 17:30 today after 6 Hours mining with my 900 GTXs. I recognised 6 Fee shares taken away. Every third share a fee share! Hashrate dipping in a valley. So I switched back to EWBF (without fee) and Pool shows same Hashrate…

EWBF shows about 2-3% less hashrate.

Mining now with 22x 1070’s and 2x 1070ti’s, DSTM gives a significantly higher hashrate than EWBF. The latest 0.5.6 dropped CPU usage which was previously causing my G4400 issues. With the roughly 11kSol/s I’m mining with I’m not seeing any weirdness with hashrates. Have been on Flypool for a few days now to monitor everything better, everything working great.

@ehri you probably need to adjust OC settings or something else is causing what you’re seeing. I’ve also been using the autorun script from @Undertrey, has been working excellent for days uninterrupted now.

Here’s me finally levelling off after switching cards, adjusting settings, etc. My hashrate drops are self-inflicted from fine-tuning. That averages out to 458 Sol/s for each card, will likely be higher once I stop messing with it and let it level out completely. Using 3850W at the wall between 4 rigs which comes to 2.86 Sol/s per Watt (includes mobo, etc).


Another person could criticise that using EWBF’s software and not paying at all for it is unfair

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OMG. I found here about this option.
So EWBF got quite some payments from me till now.
When mining equihash with dstm I am still using 0.5.4. I havent seen 6 fee shares in a row there. Those few CPU% get to around 12% max.

Mostly I am using ccminer 2.2.2 since weeks anyways…
It is much more profitable.

How is ccminer more profitable? I just tried it on the 1070 I have on my desktop, played with OC some. Got 430 Sol/s on it vs 470ish using DSTM?

I tested ccminer to 5x GTX 1080ti normal 710+ and ccminer 610max


Sorry for the late reaction, but this topic was found by accident few minutes ago.
Martin from BTG here.

  1. The miner is awesome. I have been using it for Zcash mining before (I like Zcash a lot. I have some Zcash units that I will not sell soon.)

  2. Miner works for ZEC, ZCL, ZEN, BitcoinZ and BTG. I have made the tests. It is giving about 7% higher hashrate for GTX 1060 than EWBF.

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Hi any one can help on this issue could you please give me an advise?

First issue:
2017-12-09 1:15:20 AM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 1:15:30 AM|sinit timeout
2017-12-09 1:15:33 AM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 1:15:43 AM|sinit timeout
2017-12-09 1:15:45 AM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 1:15:56 AM|sinit timeout
2017-12-09 1:15:58 AM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 1:16:08 AM|sinit timeout

Second issue:
2017-12-09 3:49:41 PM|# connection closed by server r:0
2017-12-09 3:49:41 PM|# reconnecting
2017-12-09 3:49:52 PM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:49:55 PM|# GPU1 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:49:58 PM|# GPU2 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:01 PM|# GPU3 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:05 PM|# GPU4 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:08 PM|# GPU5 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:11 PM|# connection closed by server r:0
2017-12-09 3:50:11 PM|# reconnecting
2017-12-09 3:50:31 PM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:34 PM|# GPU1 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:37 PM|# GPU2 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:40 PM|# GPU3 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:44 PM|# GPU4 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:47 PM|# GPU5 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142
2017-12-09 3:50:50 PM|# GPU0 server set difficulty to: 003c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c…
2017-12-09 3:50:50 PM|# connection closed by server r:0
2017-12-09 3:50:50 PM|# reconnecting
2017-12-09 3:51:10 PM|# GPU0 connected to: zec.suprnova.cc:2142

have my configure having issue or the server zec.suprnova.cc issue?

my configured script -> zm --dev --server zec.suprnova.cc --port 2142 --user x.1 --pass 1 --logfile -time

Any one can help?