Dstm’s Zcash Cuda miner

dstm’s ZCash Cuda miner

Compatible with devices having Compute Capability 5.0 and greater i.e. it should run fine on Maxwell/Pascal GPUs.
Supports every server using the stratum protocol.
Contains 2% devfee.

1080Ti 725-740 Sol/s
1070 440-450 Sol/s
stock settings

 zm --server hostname --port port_nr --user user_name
    [--pass password] [options]...

    --server         Stratum server hostname
                     prefix hostname with 'ssl://' for encrypted
                     connections - e.g. ssl://mypool.com
    --port           Stratum server port number
    --user           Username / Workername
    --pass           Worker password

    --help           Print this help
    --dev            Space separated list of cuda devices
    --list-devices   List available cuda devices

    --temp-target    In °C - If set, enables temperature controller.
                     The performance of each GPU will be continuously
                     adjusted such that the temperature stays around
                     this value. It is recommended to set your fan speed
                     to 100% when using this setting.

    --telemetry      [=ip:port]. Starts telemetry server. Telemetry data
                     can be accessed using a web browser or by json-rpc v1.0.
                     If no arguments are given the server listens on
            - e.g --telemetry=

    zm --server servername.com --port 1234 --user username

original thread: [ANN] dstm's ZCash / Equihash Nvidia Miner v0.6.2 (Linux / Windows)
credit: dstm


This is great news. However, that’s a very steep dev fee. Especially considering there’s no Windows version and is still adding features and optimizations.

But I’ll definitely be keeping an eye! Hopefully he’s smart enough to drop the fee to actually take users away from EWBF. As it stands right now, they’re both gouging excessively with their fees.

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But EWBF fee is configurable…

It is yes. It’s also took excessive complaining to even get that added. He also made a killing with his fee before he opted to allow it to be adjusted.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe developers should be supported. Absolutely. I just don’t think it’s classy to bite the hand that feeds you by gouging. You have to be reasonable. I feel the same way about Claymore’s miner as well. However, we’re all stuck with Claymore for AMD and EWBF for nVidia if we want maximum Sol/s.

Just a small update from dstm dev:

There is currently a small issue that causes the performance to drop significantly (60%) on large systems when using temp-target - so the performance might be bad for some people currently. It’s caused by the high sampling rate I’m using for temperature measurements. The driver starts to cause high latencies on systems with many GPUs, this was unexpected. Since I’m controlling the performance of each GPU based on this measurements I had to rework the temp-controller such that it’s working properly with low sampling rates. I’m currently testing a new version, if it passes tests I’ll upload it today.

The miner seems pretty stable now - I’ve already worked out the technical details of the windows port. I expect to have a working version in 1-2 weeks.

New Version 0.5

con: support set_extranonce rpc
con: improve handling of temporary slow network conditions
con: add monitoring support using web browser
con: add monitoring support using json-rpc
mp: rebalance queue sizes - this improves the solution rate as
seen by the pool, especially on pool that submit new jobs often

This is a testing version, it has a lot internal changes and is less tested. Feedback on stability performance is welcome. Rebalanced queue sizes improve the solution rate on pool side, however this might reduce the performance in situations of heavy cpu load - pls check if there are any improvement on the pool side for you. Telemetry is pretty simple currently, if there is anything more you need - suggestions are welcome.

is this a better miner then ewbf?

not now, it’s similar but:

  • dstm dev is very active
  • no ewbf development since 11 June

Still no Windows version?

windows version is currently under test.
release can be in a few days.

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Wait for win version…

is there an eta for the windows version to be released?

The developer has said he’ll work on the Windows miner once the Linux one is stable and optimized. Granted, he’s been saying that since June or July.

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I think that win version is out next week.

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Wowowow guys what is that who is developer can i help to develop???

It’s closed source and not on Github.

Maybe you can make a script?

Will see. Thank you for notify me!


Do the Sol/s displayed include the dev fee or is that hidden? If the Sol/s includes the dev fee added, this really has no advantage over EWBF.

The option to remove dev fee is also needed. I’ve voluntarily paid the EWBF developer a very fair share of profits and would do the same for this miner if it was profitable after the dev fee and if more info was known.

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Ask the dev on bitcointalk.