Dumbass trader attempting to do some writing

“monaro (ring signatures), and dash (mixes) use obfuscation techniques; whilst zcash utilizes encryption to increase fungibility”

doing some writing… is the quoted statement above correct (i believe it’s an accurate statement)?

pretty much, yup I’d say so

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Hmm, “increase fungibility” seems a bit vague - fungibility is a property that either a good has or does not; it is not generally associated with a quantity. “Futher assure fungibility” maybe - what’s the context here?

imo, there’s degrees of fungibility! example: bitcoin is fungible, but less fungible than zcash.
zcash’s utilization of encryption puts ZEC really close to par with more fungible forms of currency, like paper currency (the most fungible). the more fungible currency is; more valuable/useable the currency becomes.